16th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

16th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys gives you a list of ideas that will help you arrange a successful theme party for your 16-year old son.

16th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

'Sweet Sixteen' like it is referred is one of the growing up ages for a boy when he is stuck between childhood and adulthood. In this case planning a party becomes a little difficult for a parent as there may be difference in ideas between parents and the son. To plan a perfect party take your son's likes and dislikes in account instead of your own ideas. Here are some ideas that might help you in your endeavour.

Surprise birthday Party:

A party is always fun but make it better by surprising him with a party he did not expect. Though it is tough to keep the party secret, your effort will be worth it. Please ensure that none of the invited guests spill the beans to to your son.

Hollywood Theme birthday Party:

A Hollywood theme party is one of the lovely party ideas that would ensure that your son turns 'sweet sixteen' with a glamorous touch. Arrange a competition about who dresses most like their favorite Hollywood star. To add spice to the birthday party ask few friends to dress up like the paparazzi and ask them to click pictures of your guests. To make the fun meter go high, arrange a red carpet and ask the guests to walk on it and enjoy their 15 seconds of fame.

Exotic Theme birthday Party:

So what if you cannot take your son and his friends to an exotic location, you can give them the feel by organizing an exotic theme party complete with coconut water et al. Organise the birthday party at the poolside to make your theme come alive. Make the food and beverages reflect the theme. Arrange the sea shells, coconuts and exotic wild flowers around to enhance the theme. Play soft music and enjoy the birthday party.

Talent Show Theme birthday Party:

Organise a talent show on your son's birthday. Encourage your son's friends to show their talent In the competition. Arrange food and drinks of your son's choice. Cheer up the contestants and let your son have fun on his 16th birthday.

Video Game Theme Birthday Party:

Guys and gaming are becoming synonymous now and if you have an entire theme revolving around video games, it just can't get any better for boys. Organise a video games theme birthday party. Hire gaming consoles for a day and also ask the guests to bring their Wii's, PSP's, Play Station's and X box's for the day. Make your home the ultimate gaming arena for the day. Watch the joy on your son's face on his birthday party.

Sports Theme Birthday Party:

The sports theme goes well with guys who dig sports. Let your son enjoy sports for a day if he is sports buff. Let your son and his pals enjoy in an ice skating rink or a basketball court. Let them go wherever they want to because it is your son's sixteenth birthday.

Birthday Party on a beach:

A beach party is a great idea to let the boys hang out together and enjoy the birthday. Arrange a good supply of food and drinks coming in when all of you a lounge on the beach. Leave the rest to the sun and sand which would not fail to get your son and his friends in the right mood.

Family Dinner To Celebrate The Birthday:

Invite your family over for a classic family dinner on your son's sixteenth birthday. It would be a perfect excuse for all the members of your family to come together and have a good time. Your son would be delighted at the attention he gets.

Boys Night Out Birthday Celebration:

The boys night out is a fun way to celebrate your 16 year old son's birthday. Let him call his pals over and give them freedom to have fun by themselves. They can choose from gaming, movies and so many other fun things to do.