18th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

Description: 18th Birthday Party Ideas for Boys helps you with arranging an unforgettable theme party by offering a list of party ideas.

18th Birthday Party Ideas For Boys

An 18th birthday is a time when a boy matures and becomes an adult and leaves behind his childhood and is ready to take over responsibilities of the future. Therefore the celebration of the 18th birthday should have certain grandeur about it. A boy should have fond memories of the day whenever he looks in the past. Planning a party for a boy of this age can be tough. However, here are some possible ideas that can make your process of planning a slightly easier and more organized task.

Surprise Party:

A surprise party is always good fun. The main feature of this party is the surprised look on the face of the birthday boy. The best feeling that a person may have is that when his family and friends come together to make him feel special, especially when it is a surprise for him. However, the effort that goes in organising a surprise party is much more than a normal one. In a surprise party, you need to ensure that the guests are all invited and none of them gives even the slightest hint to the birthday boy or else the surprise will get ruined. Call one of his very close friends help you with the arrangements. After the surprise, the party can go on as a themed party or a normal dinner party.

Road Trip:

A road trip is another great idea for birthday celebration of an 18 year old. Let the boys go out all by themselves or with the family. A road trip is an incredible experience for the special milestone in a person's life. The road trip will ensure that you have colorful memories presented to the birthday boy on his special day. Choose a destination of his choice, pack your bags, have his friends come over, get in the car and vroom. That is just about it. Apart from planning where to go, there is not much to do as a road trip is associated with spontaneity and would mean that you make things memorable for him with on the spot decisions.

Hiking Trip:

For a boy's party, a hiking trip can also be a good idea. Boys love outdoors and a hiking trip with his friends will be an enjoyable affair for your son's birthday. This idea does not need much planning and is not expensive. The only planning that goes in is to choose the camping destination and set off. It is important to have the right camping gear and other basic camping requirements before you go hiking. A hiking trip will not have the same number of guests as a dinner party and thus, it is a good idea to check and recheck who will be able to make it and who will not.

Cinema Trip:

A cinema trip would also be a great idea as most of the older teens are movie buffs. It would be a nice and causal party complete with a good movie. A dinner comprising of pizza and the works can follow. However, it has to be made sure that the film is good but the choice of the film should be left with the birthday boy. This sort of party would be one wherein only the birthday boy's immediate and closest friends are invited as it would make the movie and dinner plan easy to manage but an enjoyable affair too.

Poolside Party With A Movie:

A poolside party is a hot favorite with each and every age group. However, the poolside party can have a little twist in it in honor of birthday boy completing 18 years. You can have a giant screen and play some of the recent hits and you will have a success party to your credit. Make sure you have some good water centric movies to add to the party's center attraction- water. A pool party means lots of water and a nicely done barbeque. Beverages served can be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. In case of alcoholic beverages, stock up lots of beer and cocktails and in case of non-alcoholic ones, make sure you have some really good mocktails to go with the watery mood.

Tickets To A Much Awaited Rock Concert:

Older Teens are always on a lookout for rock concerts and music shows. They love music and can't wait for a live performance and once a concert date is declared, they hold their breath and wait for it. To make the birthday of an 18 year old really special, arrange for tickets for a rock concert for him and his friends. Let the concert be one of them that he is eagerly waiting for as this would be the icing on the cake. The concert can be followed by dinner or a sleepover party. Rock concert is a great way to ensure that the birthday boy has fun and his celebration gets a much talked about affair amidst his friends.

Video Game Party:

What can be a better way to celebrate an 18 year old boy's party than an evening full of video games? Get out you Wii, PSP, Xbox and other gaming consoles to have a complete gaming experience for the special day. However, trying to buy these consoles would cost an exorbitant amount and an inexpensive solution would be to rent them for a day. Another fun way to get together many gaming consoles would be to request you son's friends to get their consoles over for a day and have a blast. The video game experience would be amazing with food that your son likes.

Beach Party:

A beach party is one of the most effortless ways to ensure that your party goes just great. A beach party is an amazing experience as the sun and the sand make for a great atmosphere and thus, there is very little need for decoration. A party at the beach would typically have a beach barbecue or exotic dishes in the menu. Music should be light and casual and there should be a provision for a lot of activities like beach volleyball and surfing.

Tickets To A Much Awaited Game:

Boys completely dig sports and nothing can be a better way to spend the birthday than watching a game of their choice with a group of friends. An evening at a game of baseball, basketball or soccer would ensure that your birthday boy is back home with a big smile on his face and a whole lot of excitement and enthusiasm.

Family Dinner:

A family dinner is a formal affair wherein all the members of the family come together to celebrate the boy's 18th birthday. A family dinner is a quiet affair where the ambience would be comfortable and the dinner is the main focus wherein all the members sit together and raise a toast to the boy's long life. It is mostly hosted indoors in the host's house itself. A family dinner should not be the only celebration as it would mean the boy missing out on time with his friends. If you want him to be with the family, have an afternoon party with friends and a separate party for the family in the evening.

These ideas lay the foundation stone of your plans but implementing them may be little tough. You need to be prepared to put in all the efforts to make it the best birthday of your son's life.