Party Ideas For Boys Age 10

Birthday party ideas for boys age 10 offers a comprehensive list of party ideas that can be used to make your 10-year old's birthday a memorable experience.

Party Ideas For Boys Age 10

Young boys don't care much about party themes like young girls do. They just want to chill out with their friends and eat some good food! To make the birthday boy's party super fun, skim through the following ideas:

Table Tennis/Ping Pong match:

Young boys like sports. Set up a temporarily assembled table where they can play ping pong. Divide the boys into three/four teams competing against each other. Arrange for refreshments such as lemonade and hamburgers and keep a grand prize like a pair of Nike shoes to be won at the end. Make the ping pong party an all day party. They won't stop talking about this the next day in school.

Bowling Party:

Every bowling alley these days has a special time slot for kids to come and enjoy with special sizes of pins and balls for kids. After the bowling gets over, you can carry forward the party at the computer gaming console. End the party with a great meal and watch the boys smile. To have a memorabilia, ask all the party invitees to sign on one of the balls to be kept as a takeaway for the birthday boy.

Backstreet Boys Party:

If the birthday boy is particularly fond about a certain pop singer or a band, organise his birthday party with that theme. Purchase costumes similar to the wardrobe of the artist, decorate the room with the posters and of course, loop out the music for the evening from the albums of the pop star. Keep a performing evening by informing the invitees in advance. Each invitee would pick a certain song and perform to it.

Barbeque Party:

Instead of simply serving the boys a readymade platter from the nearby restaurant, you can also allow them to cook their own meal! Get them all the basic ingredients such as bread, ham slice and other meat pieces which they can then grill. If they are going to use the barbeque, advise and teach them as to what sauces are to be used and how the barbecue is operated. Let everyone take turns in churning off their hamburgers.

Camping out:

Guys love camping out and adventure activities. Locate a river bed or an adventurous terrain close to your city and take the boys on an outdoor trip. Tell the invitees in advance that they should carry their bare essentials such as bathing shorts, sleeping bags and towels. Take them for rock climbing, canoeing or river rafting.

Pizza Party:

A trip to the local amusement park will offer a lot of entertainment by itself. If you want to make the party a little bigger, you can drive out to an amusement park which may be on the outskirts of the city. The road trip can be planned with fun games and activities thrown in.

Beach Ball party:

If you live in a city that is close to the coast, then have the birthday boy call his friends over a beach ball party. Set up a net on the beach and split the boys into teams to play. The same game can also be played in the water but high amounts of adult supervision is required since kids aged only ten can be tempted to stray off. Carry all beach paraphernalia such as lemonade pitchers, sunscreen, sunglasses, beach balls and beach towels.

Water Party:

Invite the birthday boy's friends to fight it out at a water war in a water party. Instead of taking the boys to a water amusement park, you can organise a small set up at home itself and be rest assured that the boys would have more fun in that. Supervise the boys in teaching them how to make slime and colored water to throw at each other through buckets or water guns. Teach them to make water balloons and build an inflated tub where they can all dive into once they are tired and finally want to wash up. Add bathing foam to the tub to add to the fun.

For ten year old boys, the simplest party ideas are often the best. Top up the birthday boy's party with a great gift: a G. I Joe merchandise that he always wanted, a Play station console or a slumber party with his friends.