Party Ideas For Boys Age 11,12, 13

Birthday Party Ideas for boys age 11,12,13 mentions a list of party ideas to make pre-teenagers' birthday bashes memorable ones.

Party Ideas For Boys Age 11,12, 13

Arranging for a pre teen boy’s birthday do is nothing less than a Herculean task. You have to make sure that there is tons of food for the boys and girls to gobble, great decor and some super fun games that the invitees would end up talking about even days after the party has gotten over. Here are some funky birthday party ideas for boys of age 11,12 and 13:

Harry Potter Party:

Which pre teen boy doesn’t adore the Harry Potter books and movies? You can consider throwing a Harry Potter theme birthday party. Apart from dressing up as the characters in the book, you can set up a team from the invitees and ask them to prepare a few scenes from the movie to be enacted and staged at the party venue as a gift for the birthday boy. Have a Harry Potter quiz to rate who knows best about him and give out Harry Potter tee shirts to all the invitees when they leave the party as a birthday memoir.

The IMAX experience:

If there is an IMAX dome in your city, take the birthday boy and his friends to an IMAX experience. Select a 3D movie on dinosaurs, pyramids, the Ice Age, the Grand Canyon or some historical topic in which they get to see some amazing special effects. Plan a coke and pizza dinner after the movie and watch the kids enjoy. Request the IMAX theatre to give away the 3D glasses to the kids as a favor.

Local Museum visit:

Although preteenagers associate museum trips with something boring, you can make it a fun event by throwing in some prizes to be won at each level. Split the invitees into teams who go out to separate parts of the museum and come back and recollect every single piece they saw there. Have a supervisor who will cross check the same and give out prizes to the team who wins. In this way, you can mix an educational trip with a birthday party.

Pirate Party:

If the birthday boy is a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean, why not throw him a Pirate theme party. Get everyone dressed as mysterious pirates. Hire costumes with fancy head gear, eye caps and long fake moustaches. Your party will look great in pictures. In the invitations, give each invitee a pirate name and ask them to dress according to a character that you can develop for them. Keep the décor related to all objects maritime – a miniature of a wrecked ship, shells on the floor and treasure chests.

Horse Riding Party:

This is the perfect age to take boys to a horse riding session. Book time at a local race course or a shed where there are good horse riding facilities. Make sure that you book a well trained horse rider/instructor so that they can help the invitees with the horse rides, how to fit the saddle, how to control the reins and so on. Make everyone wear the gear and boots required for horse riding. Let the instructor take the invitees on a mini tour of the race course or the shed. In the end, have a photo session where each one gets to take a photo with the birthday boy next to their horse. This will be an unusual way of celebrating a boy's birthday!

Ice Cream Party:

Imagine if the kids at a party were called over only to eat ice cream. How much fun would that be! The party should only reek of everything related to ice-cream - chocolate syrup, cherry toppings, almonds and hazelnut, sprinkles, gummy bears, chocolate chips, cookies, bananas, and hot fudge. Involve the invitees in the making of their own recipes of Ice cream and watch them paint the house red.

Fun croquet:

Add a twist to the usual croquet game. In the ball holes, put up some placards using the permanent markers with titles of instructions such as, "HOP", "JUMP", "SING", "ACT", "RUN", "DANCE", "CARTWHEEL" and so on. Make the instructions as creative as possible. Stick each of these placards at different holes. Whilst playing croquet, whoever’s ball hits a hole, will have to perform the instruction on the placard in the hole that their ball goes into.

Art Party:

Who says boys are not fond of Art and Craft. In fact, sometimes boys are most creative when they get into Origami, painting on canvas and dabbling with other material of Art. Even if your set of invitees are not particularly interested in Art, you can simply make it a fun art party where you can have boys and girls go wild with the paint – throw it around on canvas as experiment. To push it even more, you can ask everyone to wear white tee shirts so that it can end up becoming a color throwing party!

The attention span of kids at this age is short so make sure your games are not very elaborate, are quick and filled with incentives. If the crowd is going to be a mix of boys and girls then, make sure you have games that suit the both.